Relapse Prevention Plan Series Week 3: Relapse Prevention Strategies

Relapse Prevention Plan Template [PDF Download]

Relapse Prevention Plan Template [Word Doc]

This is week 3 of the Relapse Prevention Plan Series, if you have not completed tasks from week 2 please see part 2 here, where you can catch up on previous week’s tasks for completion before continuing with this week. 

In week 3 of our Relapse Prevention Plan series, we will be covering relapse prevention strategies! 

This is similar to coping skills so you must distinguish the two before getting started. Relapse prevention strategies are different from coping skills as coping skills are specific things you can do to prevent a trigger from causing relapse, while relapse prevention strategies are overall behaviors you will enable throughout your recovery process to prevent relapse, whether you are dealing with a challenge/trigger or not. 

Relapse prevention strategies can include things like finding joy in making new friends, volunteering in a nearby non-profit (where you can build relationships with like-minded people), staying healthy and being proactive about your diet and fitness, keeping a busy schedule and filling in the gaps when you noticed too much time unaccounted for.

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