4 Healthy Activities to Support Your Opioid Addiction Recovery

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When a Pandemic and Epidemic collid: COVID-19 and the Opioid Crisis

More than 20 million in the United States struggled with substance use disorder, many of which are addicted to opioids like oxycontin, heroin, and other pain pills and street drugs.. And now with COVID-19 leaving people locked down, laid off and uncertain experts are seeing signs of relapse, overdose, and Read More

Being in Quarantine Proves to be a challenge for some in Addiction Recovery

Opioid Use Disorder Recovery in Quarantine

LAS VEGAS- Being quarantined may lead you to stay in bed longer, binge TV shows, eat unhealthy, and other poor lifestyle habits. 

For people overcoming addiction, this can be extremely difficult and even detrimental to recovery. The daily routine of staying busying and being Read More

Opioid Addiction Recovery During Coronavirus

Adapting Your Recovery for Coronavirus

Maintaining your recovery is difficult in any regular setting, but with the current pandemic situation in the world, it is only that much harder. Recovery requires dedication and consistency and being locked down in a self-quarantine is not helping.

So then what do you?

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Paying for Addiction Treatment 

paying for opioid addiction treatment no insurance

Comparing insurance for opioid addiction treatment and a self-pay addiction treatment program 

Battling the opioid epidemic is a complex task, the government, physicians, and even citizens are working together to help curb the epidemic and help those in need. 

Opioid addiction treatment programs come in many forms and they all Read More

4 Tips for Relapse Prevention

Addiction Outreach Clinic Tips to prevent relapseOpiates are powerful drugs which are either derived from the naturally occurring opium found in the poppy plant or synthetically engineered.

Opiates are mostly used to relieve severe chronic pain. Unfortunately, opiates are highly addictive and often become abused. Opiates come in liquids, pills, or suckers and are taken by

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Relapse Prevention Plan for Opioid Addiction Recovery | 6 Strategies for a Good Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention Plan for Opioid Addiction Recovery

The situations and people who you surround yourself with on your road to recovery may be one of the most important aspects of a successful recovery plan and preventing relapse. Removing people from your life can be hard, but it can also be Read More

Opioid withdrawal management

Symptoms of opioid withdrawal are different, they vary in duration and severity. Symptoms can start after 6 hours and last around 5 days. Although symptoms are highly unpleasant they are rarely life-threatening, these include:

  • lacrimation, rhinorrhoea and sneezing
  • yawning
  • hot and cold flushes, sweating and piloerection
  • craving
  • anxiety, restlessness and
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