Finding Strength as a Child of an Addicted Parent

Addiction Outreach Clinic Ohio SuboxoneEvery child has a right to a have a parent that will help them teach responsibility, skills to survive in this hectic world, and a peaceful place to live. These are just the basics. The reality is not every child gets to enjoy these important parts of life. When a

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Behavioral Therapy in Opioid Addiction Help

Overcoming an opioid addiction isn’t easy and usually, a professional opioid addiction help program would be necessary for successful recovery. However, programs vary and you can’t just enter any program and expect an easy road to opioid addiction recovery.

The program should be an MAT (medication-assisted treatment) program and incorporate

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Spring Break And Drug Use, What You Need To Know.

There is a war going on within the United States and this war is not one that is easy to win. It is the war on drugs and it has been going on for years. The problem with this war is that it is like fighting a number of wars

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