Opioid Addiction – Surviving the Holidays

Surviving the holidays Addiction Outreach ClinicThe stockings are hung by the fireplace, people are scurrying through the stores, children are laughing and decorating cookies. It is seemingly the most wonderful time of the year – the holidays

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Loving an Addict Who Refuses Treatment | Help with Addiction

Loving an addict without enabling

Loving someone with a drug addiction can be one of the most difficult challenges in life. Intense cravings stimulated by drug use cause a loved one to keep using.

As someone continues to use they develop a dependency, over time it can become more difficult to seek treatment.  If a … Read More

Positive Posts, Help for Opioid Addiction

Opioid Addiction Help

An uplifting post for those of us who are living with an addiction to opioids like pain medications and heroin.  Try to let go of the pain so that you and the ones you love can begin to heal.

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Hope for a Life After Opioid Addiction

A Normal Life is Possible after Opioid Addiction Treatment

Hope for a Life After Opioid Addiction TreatmentFor decades, school children were taught about the dangers of illegal drugs: marijuana, cocaine, and heroin were the “evil” drugs kids were warned away from. The nation-wide crackdown on drugs that began in the 1980’s focused heavily on teaching children to

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It’s Me or the Drugs, Help for Opioid Addiction

Its me or the drugs, help for opioid addiction When a loved one needs help for opioid addiction, we tend to get frustrated when we try to help and there is a lack of improvement. This often leads to the phrase, “It’s me or the drugs”. Though, many people would be surprised to know that their lack of knowledge

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How to Love an Addict without Enabling

How to Love an Addict without Enabling ThemAn addiction to opioids such as heroin, oxycodone, Percocet, or codeine can happen to anyone, even those without a prior history of drug use. Some opioid addictions can start with a medical issue or surgery that leaves an individual in a significant amount of pain. They may turn to painkillers

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Finding Strength as a Child of an Addicted Parent

Addiction Outreach Clinic Ohio SuboxoneEvery child has a right to a have a parent that will help them teach responsibility, skills to survive in this hectic world, and a peaceful place to live. These are just the basics. The reality is not every child gets to enjoy these important parts of life. When a

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