Celebrating Those Who Overcome Addiction 

September is national recovery month, an international celebration of those who overcome addiction. But September should not be the only time we celebrate those who recover, we should be celebrating and appreciating our loved ones who are in recovery all year long. 

Many of us know people who have been affected by addiction, it is hard not to know someone when over 20 million Americans are in recovery. 

It is critical to recognize addiction as a chronic disease, which does have an effective treatment. A quick rehab or medication will not “cure” the condition but just like any other chronic disease, regular management and treatment will help maximize success in a long-term sustainable recovery program. 

For many, medications such as Suboxone are crucial in stabilizing the recovery process to support one in their journey to repair their behavioral health. Medications can support one in a way that allows them to focus on their path ahead and not the physical ailments of addiction like the daily cravings they may have. The patients who are using medications in their opioid use recovery are five times more likely to avoid relapse. 

Unfortunately, the stigma around addiction and treatment often causes people to not seek care soon enough or stop treatment too soon. We must encourage our friends, family, and loved ones in their recoveries and make it a safe and supportive place allowing people to comfortably maintain their paths on recovery. 

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