The Opioid Epidemic May Be Getting Worse: New Stressors with Coronavirus Pandemic 

The coronavirus pandemic leads to an uncertain time for everyone. But for people stuck in the opioid epidemic it may have been even worse. Coronavirus stresstors threaten to unravel progress made in fighting the epidemic. 

Unfortunately, overdose numbers are the wake-up call that ground is quickly being lost in the epidemic, said Dr. Miriam Komaromy, also saying that a pivot needs to be made in telehealth moving forward. 

And the epidemic is hard to track, as it is easy for people on the frontlines to notice, but state statistics are not quick enough to reveal the full impact. 

In a time where people are left alone potentially in a difficult situation after being let go from their jobs, it is now more important than ever to have your relapse prevention plan ready when you start your journey on recovery. 

People must take their addiction into their own hands by focusing on what they control and honestly obliging by their relapse prevention plans. 

There is a lot of consideration that should go into your plan, so when the time comes you have a working system to keep you on track with your recovery. To learn more about relapse prevention plans click here to read our post dedicated to it. And if you would like to create your own relapse prevention plan click here to get a completely free template you can fill out for yourself. 

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