Relapse Prevention Plan Series Week 5: Support System

Relapse Prevention Plan Template [PDF Download]

Relapse Prevention Plan Template [Word Doc]

This is week 5 of the Relapse Prevention Plan Series, if you have not completed tasks from week 4 please see part 4 here, where you can catch up on previous week’s tasks for completion before continuing with this week. 

This week we are covering the support system. Your support system is simply the people in your life who are in your corner. 

Your support system is individuals who you trust, people who truly want to see you succeed without judgement or ridicule. These people will provide you with honest feedback and support in your most desperate times. Their support is not self-serving, and they genuinely want you to reach your goals. 

Examples of support system individuals can include parents, siblings, mentors, sponsors, teachers, co-workers and others.

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