Relapse Prevention Plan Series Week 4: Self-care

Relapse Prevention Plan Template [PDF Download]

Relapse Prevention Plan Template [Word Doc]

This is week 4 of the Relapse Prevention Plan Series, if you have not completed tasks from week 3 please see part 3 here, where you can catch up on previous week’s tasks for completion before continuing with this week. 

Relapse Prevention Plan Week 4: Self-care

Self-care, a massive aspect of your daily life and an important part of your recovery plan. Self-care is important for everyone and committing to self-care habits can truly improve your well-being day to day. Self-care is the act of taking care of your mind and body with simple daily habits. 

Self-care can include so many things, from changing your diet to getting your hair done. 

Examples of self-care: exercising, eating well, getting your nails done (yes, men can get manicures too), taking a walk, getting a pe

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