Relapse Prevention Plan Series Week 2: Challenges (Triggers) & Coping Skills ⁣

Relapse Prevention Plan Template [PDF Download]

Relapse Prevention Plan Template [Word Doc]

This is week 2 of the Relapse Prevention Plan Series, if you have not completed tasks from week 1 please see part 1 here, where you can catch up on the previous week’s tasks for completion before continuing with this week.⁣

Week 2: Challenges (Trigger) & Coping Skills

In week 2 of the Relapse Prevention Plan, we will be completing the Challenges and Coping Skills sections.⁣

This is a very important section so it is critical that you very carefully consider what you want to include in your plan. It is a good idea to sleep on your thoughts and consider them a day or two after you come up with them. ⁣

Challenges would be considered triggers, these are things that may cause you to think about using, want to use, or just give you an overall urge to use. Coping skills are the skills and strategies you can use to manage the stress of triggers to avoid relapsing. This is one of the most critical aspects to your relapse prevention plan. ⁣

Challenges or triggers you may face include things like seeing certain old friends, being at a bar or around drugs/alcohol, seeing someone using in a tv show or movie. ⁣

Coping skills will be things that get you past your trigger and get your head back in the right space. Oftentimes this can be things that get your mind or body busy. Examples of coping skills include going to the gym, calling a friend/mentor/sponsor, or taking a moment to yourself maybe even with meditation – coping activities are things that make you feel good and motivated to stay clean!  ⁣

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