Relapse Prevention Plan Series Week 1: Goals & Motivation

Relapse Prevention Plan Template [PDF Download]

Relapse Prevention Plan Template [Word Doc]

Once you have begun your recovery the first step is identifying your goals and figuring out what motivates you to reach those goals and stay on track with your recovery. 

This week’s tasks include 2 sections to complete, Goals and Motivation. 

As you think about your recovery, your goals will be unique to you and may be very different from someone else’s goals. To think about your goals, consider what you want out of your recovery, where you would like to see yourself. Goals should be gradual and they can change over time, you can’t expect yourself to go from 0 to 100 in one step. Examples of goals are things like exercise 3 times per week, eat a proper serving of vegetables everyday, lose 10lbs in the next 10 weeks. 

Motivations are things that inspire you to keep going and stay on track. Your motivation will be the driving force in your recovery. Examples of motivation could be things like how you will look after losing those 10lbs, the raise you may get if you keep your job for a long enough period of time, being able to show off to your friends & family when improving at a sport or showing off a an art piece that you created. 

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