Radio Episode: Building Your Support Recovery System: Family Resiliency 

When it comes to your relapse prevention plan, having a support system in place is a major component of the plan. This SAMHSA radio episode will explore how family and relationships promote recovery from substance use disorders. 

The focus here will be on how families who have experienced behavioral health problems successfully achieve four dimensions of recovery and continue to strengthen them: health, home, purpose, and community. 

Panelists in this episode discuss how families can stay hopeful in daily challenges of preventing relapse. What to do if relapse occurs, education of family members to support those in need, and techniques that help someone with a use disorder stay on track in their recovery process. 

Last month we released an educational post about relapse prevention, this post comes as additional insights and support to our relapse prevention plan and template post which can be found here

To listen to the radio episode please visit Samhsa here:

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