Jacklyn: A Mother’s Story about Addiction Recovery

Jacklyn: Addiction Outreach Clinic Success StoryJacklyn regrets some decisions in her life, her story resembles that of many people with addiction who have gone through addiction recovery.

Jacklyn’s Early Life

Jacklyn’s life didn’t start off easy, her parents divorced when she was young, which led to a spiral of events that ranging from sexual abuse, neglect and being kicked out of her home by her mother at the age of 13. She was left feeling like a “teenager suffering emotionally and mentally” with thoughts of suicide haunting her.
Custody fluctuated between her father, aunt, and then eventually back to her mother. She enrolled back into school and had a bright future ahead of her. She was involved in sports, voted class vice president for multiple years and nominated as a homecoming attendant, but when her mom decided to move to North Carolina, Jacklyn was removed from school immediately without notice and never enrolled back into school in her new home state.

After a month in North Carolina, her mom moved back north, leaving her on her own at 16.  Unfortunately, her support group grew smaller and smaller. Jacklyn started using Adderall after a friend introduced her to it and that is where her addiction began.

Opioid Addiction

It was from one drug to another, rolling as a snowball effect. Jacklyn would wander the streets and bounce from house to house doing drugs and feeding her addiction. She spent her 20s doing a variety of drugs including crack, cocaine, meth, and many others. “It should have been the BEST time of my life….SHOULD HAVE”, Jacklyn explained, but it wasn’t. It ruined her twenties.

These actions continued, even after she found herself pregnant at 21. “I NEVER NEVER EVER dreamt that I could do any type of drug with a baby in my stomach, that’s how strong the urge was”, for 7 months, while pregnant,  Jacklyn smoked crack but eventually broke the habit for a bit and maintained after giving birth.  Sadly, she turned back to drugs after her daughter was only 10 months old. Jacklyn went to many different resources for opioid addiction to try to break the habit of opioid use with little to no luck until she found herself at Addiction Outreach Clinic, an outpatient opioid treatment clinic in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Opioid Addiction Recovery

“I felt very nervous the day before I walked through the door. I had no idea what to expect. I was so used to everyone treating me like a criminal I assumed it would be the same at Addiction Outreach Clinic. Everyone always acted suspect to me so again, I thought that was how it would be. I feel blessed by the treatment I received at Addiction Outreach Clinic. I was made to feel so comfortable by every single person I came in contact with here. It was so different than I imagined. No one treated me like a criminal or suspect. They just wanted to help me.”

Life After Addiction

Jacklyn is now going on four years without using street drugs. She is fighting for custody of her three children, has a job, a care, and a long-term home. Her education is also on the right track as Jacklyn received her GED and is attending college. She feels great about herself now and wants everyone else to feel the same. Her future is once again bright!

“I feel so blessed to be alive today. I absolutely love my children, am so blessed to have them and I love my life now. I love going to school feeling so productive. I am not just in existence now. I am living!!!”


Since she has gotten clean Jacklyn feels very strong about drugs. She realizes that suboxone is just for maintaining her clean state at the moment. When others tell her that suboxone is just a “crutch” and assume that now the addiction has shifted to this medication, although she knows differently,  she understands that those who have never battled addiction could not possibly have any idea how strong the addicted brain craves opioids and other drugs.

Jacklyn is no longer hiding behind her secret and wants others to know that it is possible to begin on the path to opioid recovery and it is very important to make sure kids don’t ever have that first time trying drugs. It is best to keep the kids away from any drugs and take all of the help you can get to keep yourself away from them as well.

We’re here to help…

Whether treatment is for you, a family member or a friend, we are happy to speak with you about our outpatient drug treatment program, and how AOC can help patients with their opioid addiction recovery. Since 2007, AOC has helped thousands of patients on their path to recovery.

Please read more about AOC, or call us at 330-259-4849, or email to schedule an appointment – it’s fast, easy and confidential.

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